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Lamborghini Ninebot Pro

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About Our Ninebot Go Kart Rentals

The Convenience of Rentals

The Ninebot GoKarts were discovered by Segway, and have been raising the eyelids of kids and young adults.. Motivated Mindz PC has become synonymous with high-quality and excellent service throughout the Denver Metro area with their go kart rental service.


We do our best to provide a safe and convenient option for go kart rental to fit every budget for birthday parties, playdates, events and more! We’re driven by our dedication to find the best solutions for your travel and delivery needs. Get in touch with us to learn more about our selection or what's upcoming and the other services we offer.

Rent the Ninebot GoKart Pro!
Prices start at 40/hr$

What about Safety?

We embrace safety measures more than style so we combined both to set the bar for our clients. Each reservation comes with a helmet and awareness signage for their preferred location.


Lamborghini Ninebot Pro *Accepting Preorders*

You can now take on the competition in the limited edition Ninebot Gokart Pro Lamborghini. 

BMW Ninebot Pro *Accepting Preorders*

Reserve you chance to take on the competition in your own custom edition Ninebot Gokart Pro BMW. 

Get in Touch

We’re happy to help you plan your next birthday party, event or individual entertainment just give us a call, chat or send us a note.

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