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Line it up!

Look what has entered the gokart realm... The limited edition Lamborghini Ninebot Gokart Pro. Head over the shop to order you own Lamborghini Ninebot Gokart Pro.

Speed Tracker

The Lamborghini Ninebot Gokart Pro comes with a speedometer as stock along with red racing seatbelts just like in real life. You can now track your speed but will you reach the top speed?

Lambo steering wheel.jpeg

LED Headlights

The Lamborghini Ninebot Gokart Pro has a LED headlight that is fully customizable with color by using the Segway Ninebot App. 


With the Lamborghini yellow paint job how could you not turn heads. The Lamborghini Ninebot Gokart Pro comes with official decals and faceplates.

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